UNBEATABLE Hems $25 in 10 Minutes

shortening trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, sleeves from $20
original hem from $30
shortening sleeves in jacket with lining from $75
shortening bottom jacket or coat with lining from $80
20cm zip changing, jeans, trousers, skirts from $35
zip on pocket from $60
30-55cm invisible zips in dresses from $60
35-80cm zips in jackets from $100
slider change from $35
make slimmer or wider in waist: trousers or skirt from $50
put elastic in the waist from $35
take in on sides trouser or skirt (not touching at waist) from $40
take in dress from $45

trousers from $250
skirt from $250
dress from $400
jacket from $1000
wedding dress from $600
coat from $1000